Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Chiaroscuro (kee-ahr-uh-skyoor-oh)
Noun. pl: -ros.
Painting. the use of deep variations in and subtle gradations of light and shade, esp. to enhance the delineation of character and for general dramatic effect: Rembrandt is a master of chiaroscuro.

Chiaroscuro is a Dungeons and Dragons 4E campaign inspired by celtic culture, ancient myth, and the history of the Mediterranean world. Shades of grey run throughout the campaign, coloring player choices and consequences. Core 4E races, classes and powers are used, but in a setting that would be more familiar to a citizen of Roman Brittany than to the player of core D&D campaign. It’s a player driven universe, where choices matter: so choose wisely.

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Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

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