Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 2 Notes: After Them!

After the attack on the baron’s family, the party split up: one group went after the assassins, and the other went after Reid, the baron’s brother. Orlov and the haberdasher caught up with the assassins, but the interference of their underlings allowed them to escape, after a brief but vicious fight. They returned to the castle with prisoners for interrogation.

Beseth, Brandr and Menosmas caught up to the enraged Reid, who was manhandling a group of halflings and demanding information about the assassination attempt. Concerned that the man was doing more harm than good, they convinced him to return to the castle. After some discussion about rousting the Legion cohort stationed up the road, the group returned to the castle as well.

Experience The group earned 205 xp each for their efforts after the assassination attempt.


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