Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 3 Notes: Prisoner Exchange

In which one prisoner is regrettably killed, but another apprehended.

The interrogation of the prisoners proved fruitful: Orlov learned that they were new members of the hounds of Tir, recently arrived from Duchy Cuill. By convincing them that he was also an oppressed Cymrian and revolutionary – a witch who had insinuated himself into the castle – he was able to get the men to reveal three key pieces of information about the organization behind the attacks: the location of the safe house they were staying at, which would soon be abandoned, if it hadn’t been already; the name of the men’s contact within the hounds (Finn); and the likelihood that the man worked at or lived around a tannery, based on the distinct smell of tannic acid on his body.

While the interrogation was underway, Xanthos roamed the streets to get a sense of the mood on the street, and filed his reports. Meanwhile, Brandr researched the meaning of “tir” in The baron’s library, and learned that it’s an old prefix meaning “ancestry,” or “homeland.” He also established that whatever the wolf thing was, it wasn’t a lycanthrope.

After some discussion of what to do with the information, the group elected to fake a prisoner escape, escort the prisoner, Aern, to the safehouse, and watch to see which contacted him.

With the baron’s assistance, Orlov arranged a fake escape, and lead the man into the city. From there, Xanros followed to keep an eye on him, while he rest of the party stationed themselves outside the safehouse to watch. After some time, another man came and escorted Aern down the street, where they met with a larger group. Menosmas realized that the thugs were planning to kill Aern, but before the group could intervene, a brawl ensued. When the dust settled, Aern and the other men were dead, save two who escaped, and one who was made prisoner.


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