Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 5 Notes: The Swift End of the Stick

In which Orlov learned that though thoughts are swift, cudgels are hard.

The party raided Big Baelly’s Tannery, finding Big Baelly and his bigger cudgel inside with a pair of thugs and a trained war dog. The fight got ugly when Orlov got a little too close to the working end of Baelly’s cudgel, but some swift thinking and heroism from Brandr and Xanros got the psion and Beseth back on their feet before the attack came to an unfortunate end. After recovering a badge of the berserker and a pair of potions from Baelly’s stash, the party followed a trap door to the basement, where they found an underground cavern system.

Just a few feet down the path, they discovered a major Tir hideout. Narrowly avoiding a pit trap – which Beseth later barely avoided hiimself – Xanros silently executed the guard dog. This lead to a standoff across a pair of double doors, before a full-on brawl erupted across well-defined battle lines. The two defenders kept Tir’s best hitters busy while Xanros and Orlov systematically took them apart. At the end, Finn, a ritual master and wielder of shadow magic, fell dead, and the remaining Hound surrendered.

Inspecting the bodies reveals that among the dead are the two assassins the party pursued through the streets just two days ago. They’ve paid the ultimate price for their actions; the baron will be pleased.

Searching the hideout revealed a number of rare treasures and strange finds:

  • A Fullblade Luckblade +1, off the large warrior in the front lines.
  • A set of Boots of Spider Climbing, worn by Finn.
  • Leather Bold Victory Armor +1, also worn by Finn
  • Two more potions of healing (making a total of four taken from the two fights.)
  • 165 gp
  • Two aquamarines worth 50 gp each
  • 50 gp worth of residuum
  • Finn’s Ritual Book
  • An Ominous Note
  • A cage filled with pigeons
  • And a number of mundane weapons, armor, and supplies.
  • Fighting and such: 200 for Menosmas / 400 for everyone else
  • Major Quest Completed – Hunting Down the Assassins: 100 xp each


Everyone but Menosmas has leveled! Level your character using the standard rules. Remember: in order to play your leveled character, you must supply me with a soft copy. That means either correctly uploading your character to iplay4e and joining the campaign there, or sending me your character builder file. Your correct character builder file. If you make changes later, send me the changed file.Once in play, the changes are fixed, and the copy you supplied me with will be the official character.


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