Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 1 Notes: The Feast
In which the party uncovers uninvited guests.

Session Summary

The party gathered at Castle Eirnain for the Feast of the High Solstice, under instructions to seek out potential threats against the baron and his family. Baron Coenred had grounds to be suspicious; just six months ago, assassins came for him and nearly killed his son. At the feast, his fears would prove to be well-founded.

Meanwhile Orlov and Brandr both met some of the guests in an attempt to uncover any suspicious people. They found none, but Orlov made the acquaintance of Squire of Crethblaine, as well as a group of halflings eager to repair strained relationships with the baron. Brandr had a brief run-in with Enger’s Berserkers, who lived up to their anti-social reputation.

Brandr came across a sick guard on the castle walls, but found no signs he was involved in anything nefarious. At the same time, Beseth found a small cache of kitchen knives in the latrines. He filed down the tang on one of the weapons, and waited unobtrusively outside to see who might retrieve it. Meanwhile, Menosmas, as was his custom, circulated among the castle’s servant women. In this case, his amorous inclinations paid off, as he discovered that a new servant may have stolen the knives. After speaking with a pair of serving women, the cook, and the castellian, he determined that there was likely a pair of assassins in the crowd.

While the shaman made his inquiries, Beseth confronted a main who left the latrines with the knives. After the man refused to be searched, Beseth escorted him to the castle gates, then had the guards officially detain him. The man responded by lodging a knife in a guardsman’s throat and sprinting for town. Beseth chose to save the injured man’s life rather than run down his attacker, and the man disappeared into town. The commotion caused Orlov to investigate, then follow Beseth back to the feast to warn the baron. As they arrived, the second attacker showed himself, rearing up on the roof with a longbow aimed at the baron and his family. The party rallied around them, sheiling him with their bodies, and Beseth took the arrow instead. With that, the assassin fled. Orlov and the mysterious Haberdasher gave chase, and were shocked to see the man transform himself into a wolf to flee the guards. Injured, and trailing blood, the wolf ran into town.

Gameplay Notes

The party has reached a milestone.


  • Skill challenge: 60 xp each
  • Encounters: 30 xp each
  • Role play xp: 50 each – great role play all around!

Total XP 140 each

Session 0: Pre-Game Meet
Character creation discussion, collaborative world building, and scheduling

What: Chiaroscuro Session 0: The Pre-Game Meet When: Thursday, February 25, 7:00 pm Where: Roane’s House What to bring: Just your ideas. Maybe a notepad. No gaming materials required.

For the first session, we’re just going to talk about character creation and backstory. We won’t be playing the game; thus, session 0. We’ll be setting it up, by talking about who your characters are and why they’re living in Cill Eirnain. The one core assumption will be that they’re serving Baron Coenred; why, for how long, and with who will be up for discussion. We’ll also set up a permanent meeting time, and just give those of you who don’t know each other a chance to meet.

Email me if you don’t have my address, need directions to the house, or have other questions.



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