Tag: History


  • Modern Era

    The historical age marked by the end of the [[Long Crossing]] to the present day, as marked by Cymrian scholars. There are three major periods within the modern era to date: *The Warring States Period* AF 0 - 19 The period just after the [[Ritual …

  • High Kings of Cymbria

    The traditional rulers of the High Kingdom. *Notable High Kings* * [[Bryce Gulhaen]] - The first High King. * [[:kernann | High King Dain Kernann]] - The current High King.

  • Ritual of the Great Flame

    The ritual that sealed the crossing points to Adumbra, expelling the shadar-kai from [[The True World | the True World]] and ending the [[Long Crossing]].

  • Shadar-Kai

    A race from [[The Universe | Adumbra]] that periodically makes its way into [[The True World | the True World]], usually by conquering large portions of it. Magically adept, completely fearless, and utterly without scruples, their incursions, or “ …