The High Kingdom of Cymria

Overview of the High Kingdom of Cymria


The High Kingdom is located on the island of Eiren, on the planet Luma, in the plane of Aurora, just north of the continent of Aryll. It occupies the southern half of the island, up to the Highland Wall, and contains a number of hilly regions, along with lakes, rivers, and river deltas, along with excellent pastures and farmlands.

Political Structure

The High Kingdom is traditionally ruled by the High King, who was traditionally the first among equals in a group of small kingdoms that occupy the island. It was formed when the warring kingdoms first united to drive out the shadar-kai, a group of dark fey that used the umbral crossings to invade and conquor large portions of the island in 75 B.F.

The current High King of Cymria is Dain Kernann, a 19 year old who took the crown 7 years ago after the death of his father.


The high kingdom uses the notations BF and AF – Before the Flame and After the Flame – to mark time. The Flame in question refers to the ritual used to drive the shadar-kai back to Umbra by “burning” closed the umbral crossings, theoretically forever. It is currently 378 AF.

Personalities of the High Kingdom

Locations in the High Kingdom

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Six Duchies

(See also Six Kingdoms)

The High Kingdom of Cymria

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