The True World

The True World is the plane that occupies the border between the planes of light and shadow. The mortal races are native to the True World; most of them are native to one planet: Luma.


The planet. Thought to be a solidified form of radiant light cast against inert elemental matter, and infused with the energies of the shadow plane below.

Geography of Luma


A major continent on the planet of Luma. Thought to be Luma’s center of civilization. Currently dominated by the Aegean Empire.


An island in the spinning sea, ninety miles northwest of the contintent of Aryll. It is the ancenstral home of the Cymrian people, as well as indiginous dwarves, elves, and goblinoid races. The site of the High Kingdom of Cymria.

Nations of Aryll

The High Kingdom of Cymria

A kingdom on the island of Eiren. Currently occupied by the Aegean Empire. Site of the largest known crossing of Shadar Kai into the True World, which ended some 378 years ago.

Aegean Empire

The dominant power on the continent of Aryll. They occupy and demand tribute from the High Kingdom.


The elven Kingdom of the Sun, located on the western reaches of Aryll, bordering several client kingdoms of the Aegean Empire. Recently, Eltristil invaded those kingdoms, crushing their militaries and driving thousands of refugees into the Aegean Empire. Fearing the elves planned a major thrust toward’s the capitol, Certhege, the Aegeans have begun recalling their legions from across the Empire to mount a counter attack.

The True World

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