The Universe

According to Cymrian scholars, the universe is composed of a the True World, bordered above and below by Aurora, the plane of light, and Adumbra, the plane of shadow. Cymrian thinking suggests that the positive energies in the True World is a result of its proximity to the plane of light, while the negative energies in the world emenate from the plane of shadow. The extent to which this is true is subject to ongoing debate.

The True World

The world of mortals. Men, elves, dwarves and the fallen races of orcs, goblins and giant kind dwell here. Produced by a combination of energies from Aurora and Shadow, along with the inert elemental matter found in the spaces in between.

Aurora – The Plane of Light

Also called the plane above, or the heavens, the plane of light is thought to be the source of all that is positive in the universe. Aurora is the original home of devas, angels, the gods, and other immortals thought to be supportive of mortal life.

Adumbra – The Plane of Shadow

Also called the plane below, the abyss, the hells, hades, the great dark, and a number of other negative epithets, Adumbra is thought to be the source of all that is negative in the True World. It is the home of the shadar kai, devils, and other immortals thought to be antithetical to mortal life.

The Universe

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