Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 6 Notes: the Rune of Worlds

In Which the Rune is Sought, Found, and Lost.

The party discovered that an artifact known as the Rune of Worlds was in the possession of Squire Lucian Martin of Crethblaine, and the Hounds of Tir were interested. Acting swiftly, the party went to Crethblaine to secure the rune. Unfortunately, the hounds were somehow there first. Kerpatrick Wulf, the squire’s chamberlain, turned out to be an agent of the hounds, and used a magic device to call in a powerful ally – a user of shadow magic who, wrapped in shadow, eluded the party’s attacks, seized the rune, and stepped back through the shadow portal through which he came. Kerpatrick lay dead, but so did Squire Martin, and the rune was in the hands of the enemy. To make matters worse, when the party left, they were confronted by the squire’s guards, who were shocked to learn of his death. Now, the party finds themselves in a standoff with those same men.

XP: 195 each

  • Scale Armor of Sacrifice +1
  • Staff of Ruin +1
  • A rock carved with runes – any power this item might have had appears to have been expended defeating the wards around the rune of worlds.
  • A 4” tall obsidian carving of a portal, also with magical runes inscribed around them. Although the power is expended, the carving itself appears to have an intrinsic value of about 90 gp.
  • Squire Martin’s Ritual Book
  • A ceramic hand suitable for the Unseen Servant ritual.


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