Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 7 notes: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

In which the party, forced to choose between submission and battle, chooses battle.

The stand off between the wizard’s guards and the party erupts into violence when Bragen Fairwylde, Squire Martin’s former apprentice, asks why Orlov has the wizard’s staff, if he’s not responsible for the wizard’s death. Orlov, unwilling to give up the staff, refuses to answer, and Brandr attacks. In the ensuing brawl, Bragen escapes into the tower, and the surviving guards surrender. Unable to penetrate the tower’s defensive wards, and realizing that Bragen will soon call for reinforcements, the group is faced with an additional dilemma: how to escape Crethblaine altogether. Beseth chooses to ride directly through town, hoping to blow past the guards and make his way back to the baron, where he can both explain the nature of the misunderstanding and give warning about the rune’s capture. The others, however, choose to flee towards the hills.

After parting ways, Orlov immediately begins an attempt to frame Beseth, but Bragen and the guards still demand their surrender. Unwilling to do that, Brandr, Orlov, and Xanros head into the hills, riding past Crethblaine Mine and up to the ancient dolmen stand at the top of the road. Their, a group of hounds are standing guard; it seems that this was where the thief made camp. After destroying the hounds, the party found a trail leading east towards Crethblaine, marked with fresh hoofprints. Perhaps the assassin fled this way.

XP: 336 each


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