Chiaroscuro: Chronicles of the High Kingdom

Session 8 Notes: Speak Friend, and Enter

In which the hills have eyes, and the dark mines beckon

Although Orlov determines that the hound likely fled east over the hills, Brandr is troubled by the knowledge that the hills are patrolled by a near legendary force of rangers. Given the circumstances, it seems likely that those rangers would hunt them. With that in mind, the party turns to the mines, thinking to find their way out of one of the other mines by means of the many tunnels said to run beneath the surface of Cymria.

Heading into the mines, the party immediately encounters a pack of feral dogs. In their battered and bloodied state, the fight is a near thing; what’s worse, the sounds of the militia behind them are getting closer. The party flees deeper, past the mined out tunnels near the surface, and into an underground vault split by a chasm. The former mine operation must have used the site as a depot, because there were half a dozen abandoned mine carts, an abandoned shack, and a rickety bridge with cart tracks running its length spanning the 40’ chasm. Xanros tested the safety of the bridge by crossing it. It barely held together. After Orlov made it to the other side, Brandr crossed and brought the whole thing down behind them. Just then, Bragen Fairwylde and her militia arrived. Apart from firing a few arrows at the party, there wasn’t much they could do. She cursed them from across the chasm as the party settled in behind the safety of an old wooden wall, in what was once a barracks of some sort, to rest before heading the only way they had left: deeper into the mines.

XP: 266 each


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